Conllable marks a class that can be output as a CoNLL formatted string. Conllable classes implement a conll method.

This is an abstract base class, and so no pure Conllable instance can be created. Instead this serves as an interface, marking types which have an expectation of supporting serialization. This consists of classes such as Conll, Sentence, and Token, which are unified by this interface.


The Conllable interface is a marker interface to show that a class is in the Conll object domain, such as a treebank (Conll in this library), sentence, or token, and therefore has a conll method.

class pyconll.conllable.Conllable[source]

A Conllable mixin to indicate that the component can be converted into a CoNLL representation.

abstract conll() → str[source]

Provides a conll representation of the component.


A string conll representation of the base component.


NotImplementedError – If the child class does not implement the method.